Looking for an engagement ring but no idea where to start?

Find out how you can get the ring she wants at a price you’ll love




Buying an engagement ring is confusing.. Sure, there’s a bit of info about diamonds on jewellers’ websites, but beyond that it’s pretty thin on the ground.

There are a million things to think about and no-one to ask

How much should you really spend? Do you really need to spend 2 months salary? Or even 3?

Does it need to be a diamond engagement ring or can you go with another stone? How about a ruby? Or an emerald? Or a sapphire?

Should you ask your girlfriend to be involved in the process or should you keep it a secret?

How do you make sure that you get the best bang for your buck and don’t get ripped off?

Should you get a gold band or a silver band? Or how about platinum?

If you want to keep it a secret, how do you make sure that you choose a ring that she loves?

Where should you buy? Online? From a big chain? From a local jeweller?

What’s the difference between 9 karat gold and 18 karat gold anyway? Is it worth spending more on 18 karat?

How do you make sure it fits her? And what if it does not?


I’m Alastair and I’m an English guy currently living in Australia.  18 months ago I decided that it was high time I made an honest woman of my girlfriend Faith and started to look for an engagement ring.

I talked to friends who had already popped the question to get an idea of how they went about the process, but found that most of them had jumped in without knowing what they were doing and regretted their purchase.

They had since found that they could have chosen a more suitable ring for their fiance, or got a better deal on the ring that they did go with.

I didn’t want to make the same mistake but I couldn’t find any easy answers to the questions that I had, so I spent six months researching before I bought my ring.


I read every single thing there is about engagment rings on the internet. All of it.

I found a tame jeweller who was happy to give me the inside info on the industry.

I read the only book that I could find on the subject, which was useful but deadly dry and boring.

I compared jewellery websites all over the world to see the difference in price and how importing a ring would affect the price I paid.

I spoke to a certified gemologist about precious stones, who told me what really matters.

I stopped off in New York on the way back to London from Sydney, giving me the opportunity to compare rings over 3 continents.

I spoke to mothers, grandmothers and Jimmy, my 100 year old great-grandfather, to see how things were done in their day.

By the time it came to buying the ring, I knew exactly what I was looking for and what I wanted to pay for it.

And I got a great result – I spent less than my friends but ended up with an eye-popping ring that my fiance loved.  I nailed it.

So I put it all in one place to help other guys learn what they really need to know.

How To Buy An Engagement Ring

Get The Ring She Wants At A Price You’ll Love




3 Reasons You Should Buy This Book


You'll learn whether you should get your girlfriend involved

  • How to decide whether you should get your girlfriend involved, or go it alone.
  • How you can find out which ring she wants without her ever knowing what you’re up to.


It will tell you everything you actually need to know about buying a ring

  • What really matters in the 4 Cs of diamonds.
  • Why rubies, sapphires and emeralds aren’t always suitable for engagement rings but what you can do to make it work.
  • How to choose a metal for the band.
  • How to size the ring.


It will save you a bundle of cash

  • Where to buy a ring to get the best price.
  • How you can get huge reductions in the price of a diamond without any visible loss in quality.
  • The only type of online store you should ever consider.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to haggle and how you can out-negotiate experienced jewellers.

All this for less than the price of a cup of coffee!


But what if she sees the book?

What if you share an iPad or a kindle with your girlfriend?  Wouldn’t she be a little suspicious if you had an eBook called ‘How To Buy An Engagement Ring’?  Wouldn’t that give the game away just a little?

Introducing ‘Undercover Covers’ – three man-friendly book covers especially designed to throw your girlfriend off the scent.

The same great content to give you the inside info on how to score a fantastic ring at a great price, but with no chance that your girl will know what you’re up to.

A Game Of Rings

The Search For The Elusive Ring Continues


Dragons! Swords! Midgets! All things that she’lll will have no interest in reading about


Inside The Ring

What The Mob Don’t Want You To Know


This cover will keep the code of omerta for you


Echo Romeo

One man’s mission to discover the truth


Travel the world! Meet interesting people! Shoot them!


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One last thing..

Good luck!  Spending a large amount of money on an engagement ring is a daunting process, but not nearly as daunting as popping the question itself, so good luck with that too!